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01st April 2019 | Medical Negligence

What is the purpose of a Coroner’s Inquest?

An inquest is an inquiry conducted by the Coroner to establish the facts of what happened. A Coroner decides which issues need to be looked at, and what evidence should be heard.

27th February 2019 | Medical Negligence

How compensation is calculated in a Medical Negligence claim

If you have suffered from an injury as a result of Medical Negligence, an award of financial compensation is not always the main reason for bringing a claim. The financial compensation awarded by the court is designed to put you...

21st February 2019 | Medical Negligence

Another reason why Osborne Morris & Morgan have one of the best Medical Negligence teams in the country

The Medical Negligence team at Osborne Morris & Morgan have recently won the highest regional ranking in the Chambers & Partners Guide and recovered millions of pounds in compensation for their clients. And now, David Turner, who is head of...

01st December 2018 | Medical Negligence

Top 10 questions: cerebral palsy and Medical Negligence

Birth is a normal and natural process for the majority of mothers and their babies. Unfortunately though, complications can occur during pregnancy and birth which can cause injuries. It is thankfully rare, but sometimes these injuries cause life long disabilities...

27th November 2018 | Medical Negligence

Informed Consent – were you informed?

Prior to undergoing any treatment, as a patient, you must agree to what is proposed based on a full understanding of what is to happen. This is known as giving consent and it is needed regardless of the procedure.  For...

08th November 2018 | Medical Negligence

What actually happens during a Medical Negligence claim?

If you believe you have suffered from Medical Negligence, it is vital that you have access to specialist legal assistance to help you prove your case. But what actually happens during a Medical Negligence claim? Here, we take you through...

24th October 2018 | Medical Negligence

Claiming for brain injuries caused by Medical Negligence

The human brain is an incredible organ that controls all functions of the body. It is unfortunately also one of the most vulnerable to injury, which can cause life-changing conditions from personality and behavioural changes, to being left in a...

20th September 2018 | Medical Negligence

The most frequently asked questions about Medical Negligence

Starting a Medical Negligence claim can seem quite intimidating but knowledge and the right professional support can make all the difference. Here are some of the common questions we’re often asked; 1. What is Medical Negligence? Medical Negligence (also known...

19th September 2018 | Medical Negligence

The 5 most common types of Medical Negligence claim

In today’s NHS, a recent estimate suggests that it treats a million patients every thirty-six hours. With an aging population, particular lifestyle factors and rising costs, the system is at crisis point and unfortunately, mistakes are inevitable. If the mistake...

11th September 2018 | Medical Negligence

Things to consider when choosing a Medical Negligence Solicitor

If you are thinking of making a claim for Medical Negligence, sometimes known as Clinical Negligence, it is advisable to appoint a solicitor to act for you – but what do you need to consider when choosing a solicitor to...

13th March 2018 | Medical Negligence

How to make a Medical Negligence claim

While most people are in good hands with the medical profession, it’s an unfortunate reality that mistakes do happen. Due to the nature of the procedures involved, those mistakes can be devastating, potentially impacting in all areas in your life. If...

30th August 2016 | Medical Negligence

How long do I have to make my Medical Negligence Claim?

One of the most common questions we are asked at Osborne Morris and Morgan in relation to medical negligence is “How long do I have to make my medical negligence claim? The simplest answer to this is that you have...


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