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3 minute read

Covid-19 and dementia: supporting a loved one by managing their affairs

We offer advice on how to help a loved one suffering with dementia during the Coronavirus crisis.

2 minute read

NAIDEX rescheduled to November due to Coronavirus

NAIDEX rescheduled to November due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) NAIDEX rescheduled to November due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) 19th March 2020 NAIDEX was due to be held this month, but has been rescheduled for November due to the coronavirus.

2 minute read
11th July 2019 | Court of Protection

How to change your Deputy (Court of Protection)

There could be many reasons for needing or wanting to change who your Deputy is, to help manage your affairs. So how would you go about changing your Deputy?

2 minute read
16th April 2019 | Court of Protection

5 “best interests” you need to consider before making a decision on behalf of a loved one who lacks capacity

In general, it is the right of everyone to make decisions about what happens to them, restricted only by requirements and prohibitions of the law. However, in some cases people are judged to lack mental capacity to make informed decisions,...

2 minute read
20th March 2019 | Court of Protection

Court of Protection – Protecting your loved ones

If you have a family dependent on you, you may sometimes worry about what would happen if you were no longer able to look after them, especially if any of them have special needs.

2 minute read
07th March 2019 | Court of Protection

Useful terms for a Deputy

As a person’s illness progresses there may come a time when they can no longer make certain decisions for themselves. In this situation someone else- perhaps you- can make certain decisions for them, by becoming a Deputy. If a Lasting...

2 minute read

Court of Protection: Who can be a Deputy?

If someone you know and care about no longer has capacity to make certain decisions on their own and you want to help them, there are steps you can take to support them in managing their affairs. Even after a...

2 minute read

Court of Protection: How to make an application for Deputyship

When a family member or a friend loses mental capacity, the most ideal arrangement is to already have a Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’) in place. This is put in place by a person concerned while they still have capacity....

2 minute read

Power of Attorney or Court of Protection – which is best?

In an ideal world, we would all prefer to manage our own affairs. There may come a time, though, when this is not possible.Reasons may range from being out of the country to developing advanced Alzheimer’s, but the effect is...


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