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2 minute read
28th July 2023 | Probate & Power of Attorney

Grant of Probate: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the Basics of Probate What is Probate? Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies. It involves proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid, identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property, having the...

2 minute read

Deeds of Variation: How to change a Will after a death

If you are a beneficiary of a Will left by someone who has now died, you have the right to draw up a legal document called Deed of Variation (DOV) to redirect your inheritance.

4 minute read
01st June 2021 | Probate & Power of Attorney

What does it mean to be appointed as an Executor, and what are my duties?

Have you ever been asked by someone to act as an Executor for their Will? If so and you accept, you may have wondered exactly what this means and what your duties would be.

4 minute read
22nd April 2021 | Probate & Power of Attorney

10 reasons to use a Solicitor for the Elderly (SFE) accredited lawyer

Find out how a SFE accredited lawyer supports elderly and vulnerable people seeking legal advice.

2 minute read
31st March 2021 | Probate & Power of Attorney

Why is Lasting Power of Attorney for business so important?

Find out why it's important to have a Lasting Power of Attorney to protect your business, should you lose mental capacity.

2 minute read
04th March 2021 | Probate & Power of Attorney

Why having a Health and Welfare LPA is just as important as Property and Finances

If you were to lose mental capacity, who would help you to make decisions about your affairs?

2 minute read
19th November 2020 | Probate & Power of Attorney

Being a Deputy or an Attorney during the Coronavirus outbreak

It's never an easier task being an Attorney or a Deputy on behalf of someone else, even more so during COVID.

2 minute read
25th August 2020 | Probate & Power of Attorney

A guide to Probate during the Coronavirus crisis

What you should do during the coronavirus situation when a loved one passes away.

3 minute read

Covid-19 and dementia: supporting a loved one by managing their affairs

We offer advice on how to help a loved one suffering with dementia during the Coronavirus crisis.

3 minute read

Life in Lockdown: A day in the life of a law firm paralegal

Melissa Lirmanis shares with us, her day, working remotely as a Paralegal our Wills department

3.30 minute read
12th June 2020 | Probate & Power of Attorney

Coronavirus – Should I be making a Lasting Power of Attorney?

If you are at home, ill or self-isolating due to Coronavirus, you may be wondering how to manage your financial affairs?

5 minute read
09th April 2020 | Probate & Power of Attorney

The biggest celebrity Probate disasters of all time

It is important to us that our hard-earned assets go to the people we wish. Here are some notorious examples of celebrity Probate that have gone wrong.

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