Can I Claim Medical Negligence during Coronavirus? OM&M
Published 04th June 2020 | Coronavirus, Medical Negligence

Can I bring a Medical Negligence claim during the Coronavirus crisis?

Medical Negligence claim

We all know that injuries still happen during medical crises. So, if you have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can still bring a Medical Negligence claim.

This 2020 will almost certainly be remembered by most of us as the year our lives stood still. The restrictions have meant many of us have been unable to work and we are all missing our loved ones.

The Coronavirus crisis may have brought the world to a halt, but key workers across the private and public sectors have continued to provide essential services to keep our country together.

Our NHS is full of dedicated and remarkable heroes who are working tirelessly in a difficult environment due to these unprecedented times. Undoubtedly, with an increase in admissions and longer recovery times, the Coronavirus pandemic has put an enormous strain on our health service.

Unfortunately, this additional pressure is likely to mean that Medical Negligence will continue to happen. Given the current circumstances, this raises the moral question – should the outstanding efforts of the NHS stop those who have suffered as a result of a mistake by the NHS from bringing a claim?

We believe not. Even after the Coronavirus crisis medical mistakes will continue to happen – just as they did before.

If you are an NHS patient who has been impacted by a medical mistake, whether before, during or after COVID-19, you are free to choose whether to bring a claim for Medical Negligence or not.

It is important that you receive the compensation needed in order to get access to the specialist equipment, rehabilitation, therapy or treatment, so you can recover as quickly as possible.

Just think for a moment…what if you need to change your living accommodation or pay for a carer? These may need to be financially covered and this is where compensation can help.

Can I start a new Medical Negligence claim now?

Yes, absolutely. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of starting a claim, our nationally-recognised Medical Negligence team are here as normal to help provide any advice and support you may need.

Will my claim take longer because of Coronavirus?

There may be some small delays, but we are working closely with the courts and our colleagues to ensure services to all new and existing clients are delivered efficiently and with as little disruption as possible.

Every case is different, so it’s very difficult to say how long the process will be from start to finish.

During the COVID-19 outbreak our Medical Negligence services remain uninterrupted

Our award-winning Medical Negligence team are fully equipped to work remotely whilst delivering high-quality legal services.

At Osborne Morris & Morgan, we work on a no-win, no-fee basis and do not deduct a success fee from your compensation. This can mean a difference of thousands of pounds for you – money that is rightfully yours. There are many ways to contact us – either by phone on 01525 378177, email, online, or video call.

For more legal information during this time, you can also visit our Coronavirus Support Hub.  

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